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Get in touch with us. Before we talk destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand it’s people, processes, and technology.
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We virtual Assistant company can gather prerequisites through very much overseen discussion held between us as indicated by your necessity we can build up an arrangement for your business.
Step 3: Get Down to Business
At the point when plan are construct and prepared for execution we put our full endeavors to make your fantasies genuine. Business process outsourcing organization will deal with all edges of Human Resource HR, for example, selecting, finance. Toward the end maintain your business.

What Virtual Assistant Can Do?

BPO Company provide virtual assistant which is one of the unique services and according to the demands of the new generation because of the technology change day by day and increments new things which is full of advantages of the new generation. BPO company provide Virtual assistant means a personal teller, instructor or developer or we can say that personal employees who are here to fulfil our targets according to our plans the main goal of the virtual assistant are to help us according to our plans. Some of the IT outsourcing company also offers this process outsourcing services.BPO company offers Virtual Assistants fulfil secretarial and transcription roles online and can do so from any remote location BPO company.

There is no need for the virtual assistant present in your office physically to perform outsourcing services. BPO office can handle all the things from anywhere and also check and balance of process outsourcing services & business outsourcing.
BPO office ensures you to give their best BPO solutions to your projects. BPO service provider also ensure that there are no issue are occurs if there are any then BPO company are responsible for this and they have to fix them.
Mostly outsourcing company provides virtual Assistant for to fulfill your need. Virtual Assistant is assigned to you for your purpose it may be part time or full time. BPO office offering a Virtual Assistant at very reasonable and affordable prices. BPO office send virtual assistant that is assigned to you from the very start of the project or when you feel there is some expert is needed to analyze your project professionally and doing every component to develop your project including getting requirements and take an analysis of requirement than on the basis of this requirement Virtual Assistant make a plan and strategy IT outsourcing. BPO company check After making plans, Virtual Assistant follow the plan and make easy throughout the project. From taking requirements and tilt end of the business process outsourcing services, BPO the BPO office is responsible for a virtual Assistant.

CodeAge –What can my virtual employee do?

Online Marketplaces
  • Perform operational tasks for Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, and more)
  • Create and manage product listings
  • Handle customer support
  • Monitor key selling metrics and feedback
  • Market & competitor research
  • Product feeds (CSV, XML, Excel)
  • Inventory management
  • Craigslist
eCommerce Stores
  • Website back-end support for shopping cart software such as: Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, CS Cart, Joomla and many more.
  • Bulk product feeds
  • Product image editing/clipping
  • Email/chat support
  • Social media
  • Google Adwords
Retailers & Service Providers
    • Order management
    • Payment/billing support
    • Complaint management
    • Email & Chat support
    • Sales support
    • Customer care
    • Loyalty program management
    • Returns
Customer Service & Support
Customer Service & Support
  • Email support
  • Live Chat support
  • Skype support
  • Help desk
  • Customer up-selling
Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping Services
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Google Drive (Google Sheets, Docs, Slides)
Personal Secretary
Personal Secretary
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Personal task assistance
  • Travel/Airline & hotel reservations
  • Answer emails
  • and more
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Banners
  • Image editing
  • White background clipping
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
  • Web Development & Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

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  • - 90 HOURS PER MONTH (4hrs/day)
  • - HOURLY RATE: $4.15


Full Time Virtual Employee
  • - 180 HOURS PER MONTH (8hrs/day)
  • - HOURLY RATE: $3.9


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