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CodeAge is an best SEO company and providing you best SEO services in USA. There is a fierce competition going on in the internet marketing. Every website owner wants their site to land on the first page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, this can’t be achieved without effective search engine optimization. At CodeAge, we run remarkable SEO campaigns based on the relevant keywords of your website that work along the algorithms of the search engines and improve your ranking in the search engine.The algorithm of Google search engine now uses more than 200 signals to rank the websites against their relevant keywords. Each year, Google performs over 500-600 quality improvement steps to update their algorithm. For this reason, it’s important to optimize your website for better indexing and this SEO agency provide the best SEO services in USA. This SEO agency also provide local SEO services . Our SEO experts utilize a unique blend of their creative and technical expertise to perform search engine optimization of your website effectively.


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The design & SEO campaigns are carefully done by the SEO experts that enhance the visibility and indexing of your site within the algorithm of the search engines. We perform organic SEO without using any artificial bots to make sure our campaigns are successful in delivering targeted high-quality traffic to your website. Our SEO services in USA include the following:

Professional SEO Consultancy and Audit

Our professional SEO experts fully assist you in defining the SEO objectives for your site and developing a realistic strategy accordingly. We perform the professional audit of your site and give you recommendations that maximize the visibility of your site by improving your index in the search engine.

Keyword and Internet Market Research

Solid keyword research is one of the fundamental keys to define actionable SEO strategy for the website. Our well-trained team of SEO experts performs realistic projections and in-depth market research to maximize your SEO gains.

Social Media Promotion

Social media marketing lead to high sales and profit for any business. Our SEO company pay special attention to reach your target audience across all the channel. For this purpose, we amplify your company’s profile and objectives through various social signals that enhance the index of your brand in the search engines.

Interactive Info graphics and Content Marketing

Our SEO team develops attractive content for your site that gets the attention of the people around the blogs digital media, and industry publications. We work along with our designers and creatives to research, frame, design, and generate remarkable infographics for your brand that gets talked about instantly across the web.

Proper Statistics and Performance Analysis

Site analytics, revenue, and conversion reports play an important role in optimal and consistent SEO. Our SEO consultants compile these reports for our clients after analysing the performance of the internet campaigns and improve them accordingly.

Online connections and PR

Online PR is an efficient way to promote your brand in the market. Our team shares close connections with some of the most significant influencers, publishers, and bloggers with a large no. of audience. Their unique views and opinions highly influence the market worth of the brands that we promote which lead us to best SEO services in USA and best SEO company.

Onsite SEO

For onsite SEO, this SEO agency analyse the key elements your website for weighting the clusters of ranking factors in the algorithm of the search engines. Then we develop powerful strategies to maximize the alignment and relevancy of keywords for your website.

Link Audits for Penalty Recovery

SEO services in USA are well-experienced in reviewing backlink profiles and perform link audits in case of any penalty faced by our clients. We can help you in recovering their sites from the algorithmic penalties of the search engines like Penguin and Panda. We perform a thorough analysis of your website to identify the actions that caused you the penalty. Then we give our professional recommendations and suggestions to recover them appropriately.
Although link building has become outdated these days, links are still considered as the key signals used by Google for site ranking. We comprehend link building with outreach, online PR, and SEO marketing to direct visitors to your site. To keep the traffic growing, we build the necessary outreach of your company by incorporating your site content with the main digital influencers to spread your message around the globe and get people talking about your brand.


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